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2014 Apple Launch in WWDC new Programming Language for iOS and OS X is an " Swift "

Apple dropped a huge surprise at WWDC on Monday, as it announced that it’s built a new programming language for iOS and OS X called Swift. The new language — which is in beta until iOS 8 is released – is Apple’s replacement for Objective-C and the company explained its big decision to developers by claiming it is much faster and easier to use. Apple isn’t taking away support for the old language and applications can actually have codebases that contain both Swift and Objective-C happily. Feedback on Twitter has been mixed, with many praising Apple for dropping the aging Objective-C (it’s over 20 years old) and giving them the benefits of a modern programming language, but others aren’t so pleased. Apple says that Swift has been in development for many years and will feel familiar to veteran developers while being friendlier to new developers. Swift is not only faster, but supports many modern programming conventions, such as closures, generics, type inference, multiple return types and n…

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Motivational HD wallpaper

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